Breville Duel Boiler Coffee Station in Malaysia – Luxury At Home.
breville Bes920 Coffee Machine

This is a really great coffee machine, and with it you can make Cappuccino, Espresso. Latte, Macchiato, Long Black, Ristretto coffees now in your home.

I have had this one now for One week and already I am turning out coffee shop type coffee with its latte art tops. but its the taste that is so good for me.

I used the beans that I had on hand from brewing using the drip method and the taste between the two is so much better with the Breville BES920.

It did take me time to realise that I had to exert lots of pressure when damping the coffee in order to get the pressure to rise above 9 bars, but like a lot of things in life it helps to read the manual first.
two shots coffee

Then It was the milks turn and while it was nice it was not right, after reading about the breville bes920 online found out that the milk jug and milk needs to be cold when you start your steaming other wise the milk will be to hot before its nice and thick – Having ┬áput this into action I found a massive difference and indeed improved my coffee experience.

If you want more information on this machine and how you to can enjoy espresso coffee in your own home in Malaysia, then you own to your self to get that information here

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