Car Ownership Transfer System in Malaysia 2014

Selling your Car in Malaysia Having just changed my car I am pleased to tell you its all changed and for the better, I traded my car in via a dealer, in the old days once you gave your car to dealer it was still yours until new owner found. (including and summons or fines).
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Now the government has vastly improved the sys with it’s interim transfer to dealer then again later to the new owner thus giving your peace of mind from that moment you give your thumb print the car is no longer yours. In my case it was handled wonderfully by my SA and the Dealership I thought why not share this with you all when I found all this info online with answers for each – So clear now what to do when you sell your car in Malaysia.

Voluntary Ownership Transfer System


1.What is Voluntary Ownership Transfer System or Sistem Tukar Milik Sukarela (STMSR)?

2.What is the advantage of using STMSR as compared to the current conventional ownership transfer?

3.How is STMSR conducted?

4.What are the terms for the vehicle owner in using STMSR?

5.Will there be any officers involved during the transaction?

6.Who is eligible to use STMSR?

7.What type of vehicle category is permitted to use STMSR?

8.What if I have forgotten the answers for the MySIKAP Security Questions? 9.Is the vehicle involved in the ownership transfer required to go to PUSPAKOM?

10.Do the seller andbuyer need to be together while conducting the ownership transfer?

11.Do you refer to the vehicle’s ownership handover between the bank and the owner after the hire purchase agreement is completed as Vehicle Ownership Transfer?

12.What about the change of ownership for a Company Vehicle to a new person?

13.The vehicle owner has passed away. How do I change the ownership to my name?

14.If the seller has completed his portion of the transaction (seller’s section) but the transaction cannot be completed within the agreed 7-day period as the buyer has passed away, is the ownership transfer considered successful?

15.What if the seller has successfully updated the ownership transfer information, but he passed away before the transaction was completed by the buyer?

16.Can the ownership transfer be conducted if I am still on a monthly instalment for my hire purchase?

17.How is the ownership transfer conducted if the seller and buyer are at two different locations?  18.What will happen if the Buyer does not proceed with the transaction once he has received the email notification?

19.Who will make the payment?

20.How much is the payment for the Ownership Transfer?

21.How is the payment for Online Voluntary Ownership made?

22.What will happen once theOnline Ownership Transfer is successful?

23.What is the next step for the Buyer as soon as STMSR is completed?

24.How do I know if the transaction status is successful?

25.How to reimburse the balance payment of the road tax?

26.How does the new owner obtain the registration card with his name in the document?

Voluntary Ownership Transfer System.


  1. Hi
    Just saw your post. I am an epat, selling to another expat, but because of holidays we won’t be both in the country at the same time. It seems the system you mention is for Malaysians only. Do you know if this is the case?


    1. I am UK Expat and it was done by me via the car salesmans garage. If you selling to another expat then he and who ever you authorise can go to jpj to do the exchange. but things change fast in Malaysia so give the JPJ a call for current info..

      Regards John

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