Caring for Bromeliads – The Best Plant to Go into My Garden in Johor Bahru

Bromeliad Plant

A unique and beautiful plant, bromeliads do well in our tropical climate and will add colour and character to your garden. Check out our tips on caring for these unusual plants…

This will be my pride and joy at the front of the garden so everyone coming to visit will see this spectacular plant when its in bloom. I just love the colours and the contrast of the green stems.

Coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours (pineapples and Spanish moss are two very different varieties), bromeliads are epiphytes, which means they live on other plants but are not parasitic, and usually live in the forks of tree branches in tropical climates.

Depending on the specific variety, bromeliads can be great indoor plants or flourish best out in the garden, so they are suitable for nearly any garden type. So for a touch of the tropics consider featuring these plants in your home or garden – wherever that may be!

The most common varieties grow in rosettes of large leaves around a central cup, which is designed to hold water – but if you keep a bromeliad potted indoors, the plant will adapt, so it’s best to keep it in rich, fast-draining soil and not fill the central cup at all (if kept outdoors the centre reservoir should always be kept full of water).

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