Crash Helmets – So Many to Choose From in Malaysia.

Crash helmets are a big part of motorcycle apparel, but I find that the choices are so many and further more one has to know if the one you like is original or a copy. if it’s certified or not, what is it made off, can you get spare parts for it, and so many other things to consider.
Lots to choose from? I like the one second shelf from the bottom and the one furthest to the right, yellow and black.

The primary goal of a motorcycle helmet is motorcycle safety – to protect the rider’s head … It will also keep the sun out of the eyes. …. Such items are often smaller and lighter than helmets made to DOT standards,

Consider the shape of your head when buying a motorcycle helmet,did you know that not all heads are round and that the most shape of peoples head, is oval.

When you shop for a helmet, the first thing you’ll want to see is the DOT sticker proving the helmet design meets the DOT safety standards and provides these three primary functions:

Impact protection
▪ Penetration protection
▪ Retention

Fit and comfort aren’t always the same thing. Your helmet must fit snugly, tight enough so that you can’t pull it off by grabbing the back and yanking forward. You should feel your skin moving with the helmet as you wiggle the shell around.

Many factors contribute to the cost of your helmet, and settling on a budget can be difficult because it’s hard to put a price on safety. Fortunately, there are many good DOT-certified helmets available in a wide range of styles and prices.

Major categories of helmet styles:
Helmet types

▪ Full coverage
▪ Open face
▪ Shorty

Some names that always come to mind are:

  • Shoei
  • HJC
  • GMAX
  • ARAI
  • XDOT

But which ever helmet you decide on take time to make your decision as something that looks nice may not be any good in a crash.

Lets face it –  to a rider nothing should be considered more important than your motorcycle helmet.  Protecting your head from injury has to be your Number one priority.  Simple as that.

Buying a crash helmet in Johor Bahru is not so hard, as their is so many bike shops around, and now the mega motorcycle store is open, plus lots of online retailers but to be honest for me do buy online because you need to try it on first for the correct fit, fitting has to be top of your list when shopping for one.

Take a day and locate a few shops and stores then go to all and try before you buy. Plus it can be fun, for me going to any bike shop is like a child going into a candy store, Heaven lol.

Be Safe Out Their….


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