Cycling event brings public and police closer together in Johor Bahru.

Cycling Event in Johor Bahru

Some 220 enthusiasts took part in cycling event.

They cycled over a 42km route starting from the Kulai district police headquarters and ending in Danga Bay.

It was organised by the State Unity and Human Resource Department and the Iskandar Region police.

The main objective of the event was to forge closer ties between the police force and the local communities.

It was also aimed at creating better awareness on crime prevention among the public to become “the ears and eyes” of the police.

Architect Azman Bilaji, 52, said it was not only a good way to exercise but also a platform for participants to know the men in blue as well as meet friends.

“I started cycling about six years ago and more people are now taking up cycling as an exercise and to keep fit,” he said.

Company adviser Pang Nan Yew, 53, said the information booths on crime prevention set up at the various pit stops along the 42km route enabled them to get to know their policemen better.

Co-organiser Johor Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department chief Yahya Ramli, 58, said the event also gave the police an opportunity to get closer to the local communities and promote cycling.

“We hope to organise this event regularly,” he said.

Source: Cycling event brings public and police closer together – Community | The Star Online

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