Danga City Mall – Still Going Strong in Johor Bahru in 2014

danga city Mall Johor Bahru 2014

Yesterday I took a trip over to the Danga City Mall and was surprised to find it very busy indeed, early on in the year I read that they had started to charge for parking and people were not happy and would boycott the mall, well they went ahead and implemented the charges and to be honest the car park was full, so the mall must have something that the people of Johor Bahru want.

Talking to a Singaporean family they said that they like this mall because its not as busy as the others and easy to get to from the CIQ.(Customs).

And I must admit I really enjoyed my time looking around the computer floors then ending up in my favorite store the C&M Music Centre Sdn Bhd (www.cmmusic.com.my) on the 3rd floor, lots of piano, keyboards, Guitars, and Drum kits. the shop was busy and the drums were being practiced on with the teacher and sounded great through the speaker system they had connected.

Also while their I went out to the Expo warehouse to find that the Mattress Fair 2014 was being held. I never went in but it did look very busy.

So next time in JB pop over and visit the Danga City Mall.

danga city mall map


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