Deli Foods to Savour in Johor Bahru. – Delivered to your Door

That’s right folk’s. Great Deli foods to Savour delivered to your home. Just look at some of the choices below and the prices are kept low so they can carry more variety.
Savour Deli Foods JB

About the Savour idea and how it came about – Well They are a couple of passionate foodies in Johor Bahru who were constantly looking for the deli foods we loved but couldn’t find or afford. We changed that and are now making them available to you; not only that, we’re keeping our costs as low as possible so we can keep our increasing range of products as affordable as possible too.

So Why not pop over to The Deli Today – You wont regret it…

Access Great Tasting Foods Today and you could get some great Redemption points to spend in store. More info here

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