Development All Around Me In Johor Bahru – JB on the UP…..

Everywhere I look now in Johor Bahru is a Crane of some kind helping to build Condo’s shopping centre’s, and apartment blocks right now from my Condo unit I can see no less than 6 Over 30 floor high rises being constructed. Plus about 3 residential areas cleared and boarded out perimeters that show the feature developments that will be constructed their.


I was sceptical about who would be living in these units but from what i read they have nearly all been sold off plan and this to me is not good news.

I saw this kind of thing in the uk just before big bubble burst. all taken up be people that have no intention to live in or let it out because its for investment purposes only. so you may think that this is not a bad thing but look at it this way.

You buy a house in a development that has all the marking of a great place to live, you move in and then notice after a while you have no neighbor’s and that a lot of the houses have overgrown gardens. the development has hard time managing the project because of non payment for facility that people are not using and therefor do not want to pay for, so the first thing to go is the guards (unless the few that live on the estate agree to pay for it themselves). the area then becomes easy picking for the thieves and robber to set up camp.

Soon your dream home is a nightmare?


Ok so maybe a bit over the top, but you only have to look at other gated estates to see this in fact happens. when I was looking for a place to live I Looked at lots of places and noticed lots of empty units that had been bought and left to rot. the owner living in hong kong or korea or japan not one bit interested because their money is safe in property then when time comes they send in the contractors do it up and sell for massive profits.But living in place like this without people can be very erie in deed.

In a condo not so bad, but on housing estate not good at all, so before you make your mind up do as I did and visit the areas at different times and have a drive around check out which or how many are empty and if the area is well lit at nights, are the guards doing good job at the entrance or does the barrier pop up with no questions asked.

also drive around the area get a feel of what it would be like to live their.

Screenshot 3:13:14 1:13 PM

I am please to see my new adopted home Johor Bahru is taking off and hope it does well in the future – I feel Johor Bahru is on the UP.

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