Easiest Cookies Ever – Taste Fantastic.

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Fast cookies

 These are the easiest cookie I have made yet and best is they taste so good.

From start to finish only 15 mins including baking time.

So first turn oven on to around 180. While that heats up make the cookies.

You will need one bowl, a strong spoon.
Ingredients are,

One cup flour, your choice.
One cup Nutella
One egg

That’s it , mix all together, roll into small ball shape and place on baking tray, greased or as I do use parchment paper so easy and no cleaning up afterwards, win win I say.

If you notice from the picture I took above, you have seen that already some have been eaten by the family, why because the smell of them cooking drives you crazy it’s so nice..

Great fun the kids can do them, ok maybe it will take much longer, by hey time with the kids . Priceless…

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