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It’s funny really how my body shape is changing, I say that because I can see that the exercise I am doing is working and indeed I am losing weight already over 4KG in 6 weeks. I can see that my face is regaining it;s chiseled face look with all the fat leaving my chin area. and my legs, I was amazed they can hold over 40% of the body’s fat are now getting firmer and more defined.

Of course for me at 56 the belly is the last place the fat refuses to leave, and some days it looks bigger than others how ever every now and then I can see my abs showing through which is something I have not seen for many years.

Press ups good for all ages

So Exercising the body, what do I mean by this – Well it’s normal practice for people to think I have fat arms or legs etc and will set out to work on those areas, (me included) but I have found that it’s better to work the entire body and not parts that bother you.

by doing this your body will not feel under stress and the results overall will look better.

You know I had the idea that the fat on my belly was due to my age and that the best course of action was to work on the upper body instead thus making the belly appear smaller.

But Appearance is not the way to go. Health is the way to go, so I am now working the whole body, and I am lucky being retired I can spend more time doing it.

So my routine is

5kl on treadmill takes about 1 hour 5mins cool down,

1/2 hour on the bike,

1/2 hour to 1 hour in the gym. using machine controlled weight s one day then Free weights the next.

then it’s off down to the pool for Swim and relax, Doing this give my days a great start and I am feeling much better than say 2 months ago when cleaning the house was the most activity I would do.

So Get off the couch and get into the gym – you wont regret it.

Suggested workout.

workout for full body



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