Exercise the Mind by Playing Piano.

Play piano and increase your brain size

Playing and learning the Piano has been proven to increase the brain size. WOW I can use some of this myself he he.

So things like this get me interested to play piano again but as an adult it can be hard to get back into it because of commitment and excuses we make for not practicing the piano ( well this is in my case at least).

Once I am at the piano I really enjoy it, but now I am retired I sometime wonder how I had time to work never mind playing the piano.

But again that’s me making excuses, so I have decided to try and get back into playing the piano as an adult, and the truth is that with you tube I really have no excuse as their are so many video out their to help us learn and enjoy more piano playing.

This might sound naff but I just learnt to play London Bridges falling down with improving result because the teacher online showed me how to make the chords sound much better and in turn help me sound better while playing. this is not only good for the family but I find myself wanting to practice more so have set aside two hours when I can sit down and play. LETS see how I get on.

I often dream of me sat behind a Grand Piano and playing for my family and friends which is strange because right now I only play for myself and when other’s are at home it puts me off and I make lots of mistakes, and this hits my confidence so I make sure to play only to my lovebirds and cats ..lol


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