Getting Fitter and Healthy in 2016

What does getting fitter mean to you? because I think lots of people when they think of getting fitter imagine them self as that big muscle bound guy you see in the adverts and fashion blogs
muscular body

You see, but I think this is off putting to a normal size guy – So I think getting fitter is for everyone because this is really whats on the inside not only the out.

I have been working out now for ages and while i feel fitter in many ways – looking in the mirror tell me otherwise. you see my upper body looks good and firm but the belly looks fat so even though i go gym every day and work the abs area i still retain the fat look but one prod of the finger will tell you its rock hard under neath.

Ha ha I just searched online for( fit normal size guy) and the first thing that is listed is about Penis size.. Just shows how the web thinks lol

So I have decided to carry on with my work outs but look at my diet, while I eat lots of fish, fruits, vegitables, I just eat to much of it.the funny thing is I use a smaller plate than the rest of the family but the food is so good i have second helpings. No will power ( Main reason i fail to lose weight) and until i get it under control I feel the belly will stay……. So my first initiative is to work on will power.So what exactly is will power.
will power – what does it mean

So now i have to put it into practise… Yesterday I showed an article on this very subject. but today i want to keep with the theme of does being fit mean you have to look like the hulk.

Of course not. Only the other day i was at a party for the Chinese New Year in Johor Bahru and was truly surprised when i looked up and saw a couple dancing – Not only was they both very big in size but the dance was a fast type jitter bug.

Ok not much of the swing over the head lifting but the fast dancing put me to here was a couple that looked out of shape but were incredible fit.

And so this got me to thinking maybe i got all this keep fit thing wrong ( treadmill, bike,jogging,free weight etc) and really the main thing to master is WILL POWER….First.

wish me luck….

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