Grow your own Avocado Tree?
Growing the roots from the avocado seed.

I decided to try and grow an avocado plant by using the seed from one, going online to You Tube you can find lots of other have tried and been successful, so the first step is to get the seed/stone to root, and heres how to do it, look at the photo you will see i have it suspended by three tooth picks over a glass of water.

It need to stay like this for a few days then you can pick the bottom layer off and hopefully the root will grow down into the water. I will update more as it grows, Wish me luck….


  1. Hi Edward, I live in PJ. i have recently planted an avocado tree from seed. Its about 2 feet tall. I would like to join the malaysia avocado lovers group.

    Thank you.

    Jock Hua

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