Growing Herbs on the Balcony in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
seeds growing in trays

If you read my blog you will know already that I spend a lot of time out on my balcony and love the lush plants that I have around me, but growing these plants is not hard at all. The trick is to start small with cuttings or seeds and let them grow into the area of the balcony that is suitable to the plant you are growing, some like sun , some like shade and some hate the wind while other love it, so many things to find out but it will all come together as you have a go at it.

Today I am growing a Lemon Tree and some Chinese chives, I have then started in small soil bags and once they are strong and stable i will transplant them into their own pots or trays.
planted area
water feature area
water feature on the balcony, great sound of running water so relaxing.
my seeds growing on balcony table.
seeds growing
This is my little lemon tree, plants from seed,
clear fish resort water

For more information on growing things on the Balcony – Please visit my balcony website all about Balcony Garden High in the Sky


  1. There are lots of nice flowers and herbs. I have a balcony too but the plant just can’t survive. So are my poor little sweet basil. There are no direct sunlight in my balcony. I wonder am i buying the wrong type plant. What kind of plant would you suggest?

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