Healthy Breakfast or is it?

You hear all the info on avocados being healthy and I only started eating them when I came to Malaysia in fact I done so many first while living in Malaysia (but that can be another post sometime lol).
healthy breaakfast

so this was my breakfast this morning and anyone that knows me will know I love to have breakfast out on the balcony while reading the paper or as in todays case the Property Guide from the Expat group – I love this magazine help me keep abreast of house prices in malaysia. and my breakfast is avocado and egg with lemon, salt and paper mixed in then spread out on whole wheat bread toasted but no butter spread on it just the wholesome avocado mix.

So while eating this nice breakfast i was wondering as to wether or not it was healthy I know the avocado has the healthy fats in it and whole wheat bread with no butter or spread should be good for you.

I don’t know! but would love to hear from anyone in the nutrition field as to its healthiness.

But for now it taste so yummy and fresh brewed French coffee tops my breakfast off.

What do you have for your version of a healthy breakfast?


  1. Start with a glass of fresh juice of bitter melon and celery. Then a bowl of muesli the right way: organic rolled oats mixed with at least twenty percent of dried fruits by volume (examples raisins, cranberries, mulberries, chopped prunes, almond slices, pumpkin seeds) soaked in apple juice left overnight in fridge. Followed by two portions of low-calorie local fruit in season: papaya or mango or best of all dragon fruit. Finish off with unsweetened drink of organic pure dark chocolate. Delicious, nutritious, filling, cholesterol buster, bowel friendly, many many more..,

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