Healthy Whey Granola Cookies – 20 Mins Start To Finish

Granola Cookies by John J Foster.
healthy granola cookies – So yummy

These are my favorite cookies of all time because i use them as meal replacements they have a high calorie count but contain all the goodness of rolled oats, 50/50 fruit granola, fast cook oats, honey, sugar small amount butter and ginger powder or fresh you choose then for all the vitamins and goodness i add 3/4 scoop of body mass powder and i like to atta flour.

All very easy, just two bowls one for the butter sugar and honey, micro for 1 min stir till mixed i also add hot water to ease the mixing.

Second bowl add rolled oats, granola in fact all the dry ingredients and mix then add the wet ingredients and mix, use big ice cream scoop and put 12 scoops on each baking sheet i normally get around 24 per baking session but like mine big.

I do not use measurements because every ingredient you can eat cold and taste good just play around till you find your perfect mix.
healthy granola cookies6
healthy granola cookies – So yummy
healthy granola cookies4
healthy granola cookies3
healthy granola cookies2

It really is that easy and look at the results. so packed with goodness i usually have two with cup of green tea to replace my lunch meal any more and you will put weight on. be warned!!

they just need cooking at 180c for 15 to 20 mins


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