How to Make Money in Malaysia – As an Affiliate.


You won’t become a millionaire – so if that’s what you are after then this is not the place for you. but if you have a hobby or just love to chat via your blog or website. then becoming an affiliate is good because you earn commission for pointing people to websites via a link that will have your affiliate link code  (that identify you as the sender) and thus if the person goes on to buy from that link within 30 day you get the commission.

The good thing about this is that the hard work is done by the affiliate company by providing you banners and links, so all you have to do is copy them onto your blog or web page and sit back and watch the money roll in – That sound great but in reality it does not happen like that, unless you are lucky and the products you are pushing is in demand.

I have been doing affiliate work from the uk for over nine years and class my earning as pocket money, so if you are in for some form of secondary income then give it ago.

The other thing is this can be done from anywhere in the world so long as you have a pc or notebook, ipad, even iphone you can do your work.

Imagine being on holiday and still being able to keep on top of your earning potential, well it is something you can do.

The other good thing is you get your own account with the affiliate company and can log in when ever you want to check on the stats and your accounts, you can check which banners are making you  money and the ones that are not, you can check on your earnings and also check on what search words are being used to find your pages.

Well if you treat this as a hobby and do not expect to make millions then this is the earning stream you have been looking for.

OK so pop over to the Affiliates Website to find out more. and best of all IT’S FREE for you to set it all up and they even have a guide to help you settle in.

Good Luck

if you have any problems you can also ask me.



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