iMac and the Dreaded Black Screen Issue.

Jbblog.fastlinxs.comSo my Mac has been in the DARK for the last week or so and I feel so sad about it all. The thing that annoys me the most is that this is a problem that has been ongoing for the last 4 years and from what i read it happens around the 4th year. so even if you have had the apple after care package you would be unlucky for this to happen to you in the forth year of ownership.

But the Good News is I saw a you tube video of a guy in the UK who was told that apple knew about this and in some cases did in fact authorize the repair centers to allow them a repair free of charge due to it being a faulty batch of video cards.

So why don’t I just go and get mine done, well that the tricky part because here in malaysia no one knows about this and so you have to pay for the Repair.

This is where it gets tricky, you See from the online forums they are not sure what causes the black screen issue so they take a guess and replace parts, so you could have to pay for the graphics card to be replaced only to find out that it happens again and they then suggest the lcd screen is probably at fault, so they change that and you may get lucky but i herd of more guys having to have about four parts changed in order to fix the problem and the cost is a lot in fact so much that by the time you got it done you could be looking at a new computer sort of price.

and this scares me.

OK so what am I using now, well the truth is the imac with the Black screen problem, and here’s what i did to be able to use it,(of course it goes black often and have to do lots of restarts and key code entries) but I erased the whole hard drive.(which I might add has the smart drive problem – but thats another story) and reinstalled the software that came with it which was mac os 10.6.3 (snow leopard) and am in the process of testing it with that. What I have found is when I get the black screen I can hold down at the same time command,option and eject buttons to put into sleep mode then use the power on button to fetch it out of sleep and so far it comes back to life with nice bright screen full of apple goodies.

I am updating the software and if it stay’s out of the black then I will work with the old software. Better than none but if it goes black and will not come back then I will give up and let the repair centre for apple have a go. providing if a new part they put in and the problem comes back then i want the old part put back before they move onto the next new part and offset the previous cost onto the new work and so on. That seams reasonable to me. but will it the them. who knows, but I will let you know….

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