Johor is Fast becoming a Food Haven.

Food Glorious Food – Several years ago, a friend of mine made a startling discovery when buying pisang goreng at a stall in Johor.

Photo Credit: New Straights Times.

Having been transferred for several weeks to the state from Kuala Lumpur, she had expected the banana fritters to be served the way as what she was used to. Although the bananas were indeed prepared the same way, she had a shock when the woman manning the stall put in packets of spicy soy sauce into her take-away bag. “I was sure the makcik put the kuah kicap by mistake. I did not know that people ate their banana fritters with spicy soy sauce in Johor,” said my friend, who has since moved back to Kuala Lumpur and often misses the spicy condiment that goes with her pisang goreng…………

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Source: Johor becoming a food haven | New Straits Times | Malaysia General Business Sports and Lifestyle News

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