Johor Marine and Beach Parks

The state of Johor in Malaysia is noted for its national parks and forest reserves which preserve virgin rainforests known    for its biodiversity and endangered species of animals. Mangrove swamps and coral reefs are also protected within these parks.


Protected Area……

Marine Park consists of 13 South China Sea islands off the east coast of mainland Johor (2.295528°N 104.116058°E). 

The Johor Marine Park has 13 gazetted islands scattered along its coastline. The marine park is also known as both Mersing Marine Park and Pulau Tinggi Marine Park, as the state’s administrative centre is located at Mersing whereas the subdivision is located at Pulau Tinggi.

Both of these locations have an information centre for tourists to visit for more information. The centre at Pulau Tinggi manages the 13 islands as well as the smaller clusters of islands located close to the islands. The 13 main islands within the Johor Marine Park are Rawa Island, Harimau Island, Mensirip Island, Gaul Island, Besar Island, Hujong Island, Tengah Island, Tinggi Island, Sibu Besar Island, Sibu Tengah Island, Sibu Hujong Island, Pemanggil Island and Aur Island.

The islands form two distinct groups; the inner islands and the outer islands. The inner islands like Rawa, Hujong, Tengah and Besar are all excellent spots to head to for snorkeling and diving.


Please take time out to go and enjoy the marine life around Johor it’s amazing…

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