Keeping Fit for the Over 50’s in 2014.

I am 56 and like most older people have the big belly look, I have found over the years no matter what i do this part always remains even thought the rest of my body gets firm and increase in muscle strength is achieved.


So I started back at the Gym on a two months trial offer at the body gym and Spa at the Thistle hotel in Johor Bahru, and must say I love this place and am happy to report that things have improved tremendously from when i let the gym membership lapse two years ago.


Now you are provided with constant supply of bottled water to hydrate -Free of charge. (this also extends down to the pool where they now an Ice Box next to each lounge beds that is full of ice and bottle waters.

Plus all the chairs now have thick padded relax pads on them that make laying out so much more comfortable.)full_thistle_jb_clarkhatchfitnesscentre

So after a good work out you can go relax in style – Plus the swim is good to relax the muscle after the work out. I find I no longer ache like I use to.

My Work outs are targeted at raising the heart rate. and I do this by doing a 5 min warm up and stretch then by walking on the treadmill with the speed set at 5, but to raise the heart rate I set it at 110 – 125 and the machine raises the incline to make you work harder and raise the heart rate.

I set the kM to 5 kilometres and this takes me about 1 hour, plug in the head phones and you can watch the tv, or as the gym and pool area has free wifi now you can use your ipad, ipod or phone to entertain yourself while working out.

after the i do the 5k walk I move onto the bike and set it at random level 10 for half and hour.

then I go have my breakfast snack – usually a home made bar I make using oats fruits honey etc.

Then its time to do some muscle training and for this you need to find your level, by this i mean level that you can do when the last pull is hard to do for me this is the 12th pull, lift etc  (this gym is good in so much as there is always someone on duty that will show the correct form you body should be in when doing weights) I only do one round because I do it every day then head off to get changed into my swim gear and head off down to the pool area which is like a Tropical lagoon.

OK here is the hard part, because no matter how good the work out you MUST alter your diet. to achieve your set goals, I say hard part because I love my food, and this is where I let myself down because I believe that once you reach the gold age of 50 you deserve to be able to eat and drink what you want, the secret is MODERATION.


I have been back at this gym for 3 weeks and already I have lost 4kg from 92kg down to 88kg and have to say I feel great, my goal is 80kg then to maintain myself at this size. time will tell…..

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