Kiwi and Mango My Baby Lovebirds in Johor Bahru

3 week old lovebirds babies getting excited at the smell of the food being mixed to correct temp. Life has some wonderful things and babies always come out on top no matter what species.
Seeing them from birth to growing up is special every day, for me being retired I get to spend a lot of time with my birds, touching them to get them use to human hands and finger, to teaching them to hold themselves upon a perch, correct balance, It’s also my favorite time to teach them my whistles, little things that connect us. and as they grow listening to them do my whistles back to me is such a little thing but so special.

These are things given to us, yet goes missing every day so I hope you enjoy these short clips of my babies so you can see how special Gods Creatures really are…..

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