Kiwi Fruits as Part of my Detox Plan – Win Prizes Also with Kiwi Barcodes

As Part of my detox plan, I have started to only eat fruits in the morning and nothing else apart from my green tea or warm water with lemon juice. and yesterday I got some Kiwi fruits and what struck me at the time was they did not have any of the yellow sweeter ones so I had to get the Green ones, now to me they usually taste very bitter but I was pleasantly surprised to find them tasting so nice and a little sweet with a tangy feel to them and I love them.
Win a Prize
Green kiwi
Kiwi cut in half looks so nice


So now you can win a prize also by collecting the barcode on the kiwi containers and sending them in to Zespri.

So I may enjoy my detox after all, well today is my first day so hopefully I will lose some weight also.

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