Living With Gadgets in 2013.

Gadgets – What was life like before we had gadgets, I mean the nearest we got to them was in the James Bond movies.
Gadget Pen

But now you can buy a pen, that has a camera and a microphone inside it, you can now get watches that can play music, check your twitter or Facebook even send mail to your family or friends.

The point is Gadgets are everywhere we go now, the traffic lights make noises so the blind know when its safe to cross (glad not so many of them here in Malaysia as so many driver go when red lights are showing) but the point is that the good intentions are their.

I myself love gadgets, I have them in the kitchen in the car and in my home office. my iPhone has more gadgets that i will ever use. but the flashlight one came in handy when we lost power at the condominium the other day. I also use the recorder a lot to remind me of events, then when the time arrive my phones speaks to me and tells me the contents of the recording. and trust me as you get older its so easy to forget things, so now i just speak into my phone click save and time and date it and hey presto no more forgetting, ha ha unless i forget to do the message in the first place
Watch with many gadgets in it.


Have  look round your environment and see what gadgets you have in use, I think you will be very surprised..

For the latest gadgets I have found inMalaysia you can check this webpage out. some of them are so cool.


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