Malaysia – Weather Can Change Fast – I Love It.

Yesterday in Johor Bahru it was like something out of a Movie when the sky slowly turned very BLACK and Menacing, then the Lightning came, then the high winds and finally the rain then it was back to the wonderful sunshine.
dark sky JB

This is the dark sky starting.



Dark Sky Over Johor Bahru

This the doom and gloom shot – covering most of Johor Bahru sky.



Rain over JB

This is the Rain and loss of vision out over Johor Bahru.



Sunshine over Johor Bahru

Then 1 hours after Johor Bahru was back to it’s glory in soothing Sunshine everywhere. and this is what I love about living in Malaysia.

For me the sound of thunder and the flash and crack of the lightning I find so exciting and the best is its still hot while this is going on, back home in UK when this happens you better run and hide because it gets so cold and the rain is freezing with wind whipping your face it was not a fun place to be and last the day.

OK in Malaysia we do have our Monsoon season from Nov – March when it can indeed rain every day but even then its not really a problem because the rain is warm so when you get wet its not so bad.

Mother Nature is very unpredictable, so I do not plan my life to the weather anymore and just take it as it comes…..

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