Merry Christmas to all our readers – Have a great New Year…

Yes it’s that time of the year when we can relax and enjoy the Christmas spirit that evolves at this time of the year.
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For me it’s time to enjoy my garden and just chill out with a magazine and nice bottle of red on standby…. or chilled white wine with some snacks.

I used to in the old days just enjoy all the festive gluttony that goes on but now as i have aged I eat and drink in moderation and go to the gym every day. this way I keep fit and do not feel guilty at all about all the chocolate and cakes i eat.

As for the New Years Resolutions – I do not bother- I also find as one gets older these sort of things go by the way side. and we get more content with ourselves and our lives.

So whatever you are doing over this holiday festive season we wish you all happiness and success for the new year…

From the JB Blog team..

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