Merry Christmas To All Our Readers in 2013
Pets enjoy Christmas

May we take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2014.

It really does not feel that long since I wrote that last year.

Time waits for no man, is such a true saying and one that as i get older (56 in Jan) has more meanings to it.

But what ever we do in our life I feel it’s important to luck back and see what you have done over that year. and try to improve over the next.

For me life is so busy I just find it hard to fit everything in, so next year I think I will try to work to a routine and see if that helps.

Things I like to do is Playing Piano (badly at the moment but hey its only for my ears at the moment, improve on this for 2014).

Keep Fit – lose weight (I say this every Year and this year I am heavier than i was this time last year how that happen?- Must work harder and more intensity in my exercise)

Gardening – This year I am very pleased because some of the plants I thought had died with continuing watering and weeding around them have paid off this year the red flowers are back and I am so pleased – Plus the Fish Resort is such a great addition to my pond.

House Cleaning – I have a program i put together for my calendar and up to now it works really well and tackles every part of the home, doing a little each day.

Today it’s even given me the day off – how cool is that.

OK well back to my Coffee and Cheese cake I made with Kiwi so nice.
(Diet what diet! lol)

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