Mooncakes In Johor – Try Them Now.

I love Mooncakes and love this time of year when they become available, but I have never seen any quite like the ones below and they have become very Famous in Johor.

Moon cakes with a Difference

Yuen Fatt’s signature Shanghai styled mooncakes are unique in the way it looked and also in taste. Some say these mooncakes look like a mouse, a fox, a fish or even a rugby ball. I say, Yuen Fatt’s mooncakes just look irresistibly cute, and seemed to be inviting me to sink my teeth into it.

Great Texture

Yuen Fatt was the first bakery to introduce the Shanghai style of mooncakes in Malaysia twenty years ago. Yuen Fatt’s Shanghai mooncakes had been a hot favourite ever since. People come from all over Malaysia and from Singapore to buy Yuen Fatt’s famous Shanghai mooncakes.

Great Colour


Everything is made in house at Yuen Fatt in the adjacent shoplot using traditional methods and no preservatives. So, Yuen Fatt’s mooncakes are best eaten within 3-4 days. This is never a problem as Yuen Fatt mooncakes are so delicious, they are all eaten very quickly.

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