Morning exercise in JB – Great start to my day. 

Like most morning the first thing I do upon waking up is to check outside to see what the weather is like.

If it’s raining that decides for me to go to the Gym.

If it’s dry I go to park for a good 5km fast walk, and yes it’s one of the funny arm swinging fast walks that often I hear the children laughing as I passed by them.
I am 60 next birthday and exercise is something I have always done but only to keep fit and not bulk up.

And because of this I hope it will enable me to do this for a long time to come..

Back in the U.K. I always had the weather as an excuse for not going to exercise but here in Johor Bahru I have no such excuse as the weather here when raining is still warm. In U.K. It freezes you to the core.

Plus there is so many parks to go to all with nice scenery to look at while you walk away the weight.

Hope you are all feeling fit and healthy this fine day.

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