Motorcycle Purchase Malaysia 2014

I have my B2 on my driving license and was thinking about getting a smaller 250cc cruiser like the Keeway Dorado as my first Motorcycle in Malaysia
Great bike the Dorado 250cc
Great bike the Dorado 250cc
Great bike the Dorado 250cc


but now Honda has introduced the CB500x and I just love it – I like the style, the high riding position and because of my age the upright riding style will also suit me.

Honda CB500X

Now to get this I will have to go and take my B Riding test, And this will not be a problem because as I get older I like to challenge myself. I was looking at this apart from its style, is the bike is also ok for slight off road use and got me thinking that it would be ideal for the JB Roads with its potholes etc:

Some of the ones I have seen are so scary and deep that a wheel going into them would be damaged and may trow the rider off his bike. The CB500x is higher than my first choice the dorado and would help me see the potholes better and thus avoid them. The other thing is my friends are telling me is that getting the dorado at RM13.900 would be a waste because I would soon get fed up and want to upgrade. Its not all about power but having it available for when you need it really can be the difference to getting out of the way or not. and it makes sense to me even more now that I see how easy this 500 is to ride for beginners like me.

The bike is light and has great balance when riding it and should be great around the town and has that little bit extra power when on the highways.

OK, well at this stage I am still reading about it and deciding.

Maybe you have the CB500x and could give me your opinions as to its ease of use.

Also while the cb500x cost around rm31.000 with abs it should hold its resale value better than the keeway being a Honda.


  1. Hi there. I am also in the same boat, trying to decide between the Benelli 650TNT and the CB500X. More or less about the same price. The Benelli has high specs but as it comes from China, quality & engine reliability is a concern, but on the other hand it looks vicious and is more powerful. The Honda looks good & is also more assuring on the quality & resell value, but some reviews say its a bit boring…….drives like a Honda. But I suppose its also easier to get spare parts. I would really like to be able to go on epic tours i.e. to Laos, Vietnam, China. Some people using Versy have even driven Kl to London, that would be awesome. Being 6’1, Versy’s will be the best for me, but its on the expensive side. Would really like to get some honest feedback from owners about the Benelli and the Honda. Would advice you to forget about the Dorado, quality very uncertain and power got no kick. Cheers

    1. Hi, thanks for your great comment, I just came across the versy and have to say it looks so good and the best i can find is around myr30000
      The Honda I think would make a great first bike from what i can see, and with Hondas reliability and ease of use, I guess it makes sense.

      All in all motorcycles are so expensive here in Malaysia I cry when I look at ebay uk and see what some of the bikes are going for ( so cheap) I will do a few test rides before I make my mind up.I had look at the benelli 600 and at top of a rev their was tinny vibration sound that put me off, but could have been just that test bike. The dorado has a wonderful sound to it and had a really nice riding position even thou i also over 6 foot.

      but like you feedback from the honda 500x user would be great.

      Thanks for time.
      Regards John

  2. Hi John,

    Have you bought the dorado? What is your review for the bikes. I’m deciding between this and daelim daystar 250. Gotta admit, the prices for bikes here in malaysia is quite exorbitantly high.


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Not got the Dorado and have had a change of heart, While I think its a great bike as is the daystar I just feel they are so expensive for what they are, that I am contemplating now taking my full b license and getting the new Honda CB500X.

      For two reasons really the first being I feel being a Honda it will hold its resale value much better and 2.I actually really like the bike and its upright sitting position, I like its stature and the extra power will allow me not to want to upgrade to soon and enjoy the bike longer.

      Plus it can handle off road riding and should handle the pot holes around JB LOL.

      Thanks for your comment and good luck with your choice, come back let us know your choice.

      Regards John

    2. Hi Guys. Every bike shop I’ve been too in KL & Selangor (about 20 I reckon) has warned me against the china-made bikes. They look good & are cheap – the Keeway, daelim & Dorado look real nice – but every single time I get warned about the build quality & the non-reliability of the engine. Several times at traffic lights waiting for the light to change I have seen china-made bikes vibrating like mad, & you can see that many parts are just cheap plastic. But then again they are very cheap compared to the jap bikes. For all I know the shop guys could just be scare mongering to stop the crowd from buying Chinese & keep buying jap, but seriously man, for peace of mind and an intact body, u would want some assurance of reliability when riding a bike at 120kmh or faster. The Honda cb500x is very good value IMO, but if you really want cheap, I reckon Naza has better offerings than the china bikes. Naza’s bikes are rebadged Hyosung from Korea, & they have a 250 & 650 sports and naked, and a 250 & 650 cruiser. The 650 cruiser, beauty of a bike, is about RM23K. I currently ride a Kawasaki 150 ninja, 2-stroker, good bike & good power but lacking in range. cheers

      1. Hi Mr Singh

        Thanks for your comment, I also was told the same, but did meet two guys who had the Keeway dorado and both were pleased with their bikes, I saw a daelim 250 and it looked great but at 15000 thought it to expensive. Lots to think about, but will take the time to try lots of bikes before I decide which one i like and will buy.cheers

      2. Mr Singh,

        thanks for the insightful review. i have enquired regarding naza cruise and apparently they are no more new stocks due to the lack of demand. again, better brands mean better bucks.

        btw John, check out regal raptor daytona 350. looks sweet.


  3. Hi Guys,

    Just a short note to say that the Naza 650 cruiser is back in stock. Real beauty of a bike for about RM23K. Rather than no demand, I am told Naza ran out of stock coz there was good demand and there was a delay in bringing in a new batch from Korea. Some shops offering a 2-year warranty, refer to for best deals. Plenty of reviews on YouTube, look for Hyosung 650 Aquila Pro – its rebadged as the Naza Cruise 650 in Malaysia. Its a nice decent Korean package for the price, perhaps not the best quality in the market, but at the moment I’ll take Korean over Chinese any day. The Benelli 600TNT does have an irritating vib when u rev it, and 2 users told me it gets constipated when u push it on the highway, like the exhaust is too narrow for the engine. Safe riding.

    1. Hi Hazren,

      Not Got it yet. but lots of places to get one from and it will be down to the best deal on offer at the time. do a search on google – will update blog once i am ready to purchase it.

  4. John,

    Just to shared i have settled for a naza cruise 250. Got it for 2 months already. Overall am satisfied, top speed 140km/h. Have you got your ride yet?


    1. Hi Andrew, Well done on your purchase, glad you happy and enjoying your ride.

      I not got mine yet as waiting till i move into my landed property. I am still open to new bikes that are coming out but right now I will take the B test and go for the honda500x, but some nice 250cc bikes coming onto the market so will watch, the thing is a lot of bikes that are announced as being manufactured do not always come to Malaysia.

      One bike I would buy tomorrow if it was here is the twin exhaust Suzuki Inazuma. I really like this bike and would be really happy with it.
      I also like the new damak 200 skyline, the kawazaki z250 and few more to be released me some photos of you on your new ride Please

  5. Hi there. The bike momos regal raptor bobber 350 look nice. Price quite
    reasonable and affortable. Can anyone out there give abit of advise. Worried
    about parts and quality.

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