My Internet Speed Test – Why Bother – They never Reflect my Usage Speed

I get so frustrated at my Internet Speed, working at my computer I like things to happen as soon as I click, Not wait for things to load – I want it Now – It’s 2014 and still we have to wait.
internet speed test


Example: Working on my blog and want to add photos that normally would load up instantly or at least within a few secs – the photos are small in size but it take ages. So I do a speed test and it say my upload speed is 2mb and download is 3mb – This IS A LIE! No way am I getting these speeds so off I go to another speed tester and they show completely different speeds this time very slow, Now this is what I expected to see in the first test as this reflect my usage.

So I decide to try the second site again, and this time it’s super fast speeds – what is going on.

How can we trust these speed sites, when I sent email asking for explanation they said it all depends on usage and how my pc is set up that determines the outcome.

ha ha this really helps – NOTTTTTTTTTT.

So anyone else get frustrated with their speeds?

By the way I am paying for speeds up to 5mb but average around the 3 mark and that!, I am willing to except but when it goes slower it Drives me NUTS.

Internet Speed Test – What Is My IP ®.

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