My Keeping Fit System for 2014

So it’s 2014 and once again I am saying I want to lose weight and keep fit, I said the same last year and the year before that and never did it – Well I did it but never got the results i wanted.

So this year I made NO Resolution and have embarked on my slimming and keep fit using two Pieces of equipment to help me achieve my goal. my goal is to lose weight down to around 8okg and then maintain that.

So How am I going to do that well first off I am using the trx system
trx system

(suspension using my own body weight to do the exercise) and
circle glide


and to see how both these work I am including videos to watch.

First Up is the TRX

the circle glide to work the core and lower part of the body.

the good thing is I can do the circle glide while watching TV and its surprising how enjoyable it is. I already feel great.

I am also Rebooting my system with a juicing program to enhance my goal, So wish me luck and why not have ago yourself this year, one thing for sure is everyone can do to lose some weight.

Good luck, if you have ago also.

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