My Teksi Service in Johor Bahru – It’s Great

Recently I have started to use the My Taksi app to get a taxi and up to now it’s been great.

Not only do you get to know the number plate of the taxi but you also get to know the drivers name before you even see it.

So nice to get into the taxi and greet the driver by his/her name, you can see a nice little smile on their face. plus they use the meters, so no problems about taxi charges.

If you have not got the app yet I would download it, I find it good in other ways too like you can use the map as it shows your current location and as you move it moves so its like your own GPS free – how cool is that.

MyTeksi is a Malaysian startup that aims to revitalize the taxi industry. We want to improve the safety and efficiency of our town taxis by leveraging on advancements in GPS and mobile technology. As a social enterprise, and we believe that business and social value can be achieved in parallel.

via About MyTeksi | MyTeksi.

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