New Motorcycle in Johor Bahru – KTN RS3 250cc – Motorcycle I May Get If It Passes Test Ride.

New Motorcycle for 2015 – I have been looking for a decent motorcycle for riding around Johor and Malaysia with, and the truth be known, their is not a lot in the 250cc range that I really like. In Fact I saw the Honda CB500x and fell in love with it. and so I have been toying with the idea to take the B test to enable me to enjoy the cb500x.

However the past year has been hectic and like a lot of things, my plans  have had to go on the back burner till I am ready. so in doing so you will forgive for getting excited, But this new 250cc adventure bike the RX3 that has come in from China by KTN Looks just right for me. and ok I know a lot will scoff at thisbike because it comes from China, but this bike has indeed been tested in lots of events and travels around the world and is getting rave reviews about its sturdiness and reliability, and its only RM12800 basic price and 13800 with all the bells and whistles including back box side boxes, great windscreen that actually works. plus crash bars around the engine area. and impressive dashboard with gear indicator etc

So I shall locate one and see if I can give it a test run in Johor Bahru.

Here are some pictures from the net.

This is one cool bike if I say so myself.
RX3 Adventure Bike 2015 front side view
RX3 Adventure Bike 2015 rear view
RX3 Adventure Bike 2015


  1. Hi John,

    I checked out the same school that you have been using for your riding test etc, but the whole website is in Malaysia and I can’t make sense of it.

    I did my CBT in England a couple of years ago, but I think by now that will have expired. I want to try and get the equivalent done over here locally. All I have with me is a provisional driving license. What would you suggest I try to do?

    I really don’t have any idea on licences / insurance etc over here so any info you have found out and are willing to share would be of great help.



    1. Hi Tom, Ok well you can convert your uk driving licence and get Malaysian equivalent but as you have only provisional you may as well start from scratch and and apply for malaysian licence and start on the road to riding in Malaysia. you will find it a lot different here, for a start all training and test are done on site so no on road testing. I took the b2 here and that allows me to ride up to and including 250cc – but I would just go for the Full B licence if i had to do it again – it just makes sense. The thing I like about the place i went is they will do everything for you including the licence as they are linked into the jpj system. and they do not rush you to take the test, but once they feel you are ready they will.

      So first thing to do is go to the office at Taman Perling and speak to the girls in the office, they will advise you of cost and the procedure to follow. the first will be to get your LDL license to ride in Malaysia then you will have to take the theory test, sit 6 hour theory class, then you will be able to start training.

      but the rest the girls will advise you. I was going to my B test this year but have found a 250 bike I actually like and hold off the b test as I think 250cc will be more than enough for me.its the KTN RX3 250 adventure bike. great value and comes with bars side panniers and top box.

      Lot 3355, Jalan Coastal Perling 1, Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor. Malaysia

      Tel: 07-2351004 / 1005/1006

      to get the website to load in english you need to ad google translate to your browser and it will auto translate any pages into english.

      Good luck Tom

      Regards John.

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