One Bowl Cookies – So Easy, Even You Can Make Them.
cookies close up

Well today I learnt something bad, and that is that Nutella has about 5 spoonfuls of sugar in each 2tbls of nuttella, That is an amazing amount ( for such a small amount and it got me thinking about using it in cookies,

A lot of cookie recipes call for 1 cup of white sugar and one cup of brown sugar, So I tried adding no sugar but 1 tbls of nuttella instead, and Walla! I got a great cookie with that great hazelnut taste with less sugar that the original recipe called for, and they taste great.
cookie mix and small bowl has cinnamon and oat bran to coat

Ok so what did I use, well all my cookies are one bowl cookies for easiness –

1 cup flour

1tbls nuttela

1 tbls of peanut butter

one handfull raisens

one handfull cranberrys

1 egg

1 dash of milk if to dry


Mix all above and using small ice cream scoop to make the cookie balls.

Place about 8 on each tray and press down with fork bake about 15 mins

repeat till no more ingredients left.

the above will make around 8-10 cookies

Hope you have ago at these – they are so good.

OK photos to take as they are cooked and smell great.

cookies cooked
cookies cooking

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