p1 modem dx-230

If like me you are always tinkering to get the most from your P1 modem then you wont be surprised by the success I am having, But like a lot of things it depends on how patient you are.

The reason I say patient is because when you are searching your home for the best possible signal you need to turn off/on the modem at each point you wish to test. (the best idea is to use your phone to log into you modem setup page and look at the readings while you move the modem about), then once you have a good reading, hold still in that place to see if the reading stays strong, then you have to decide if its possible to replicate that very same position without you holding the p1 modem.

You will see what I mean by the position I ended up with today.and it took me from 3bar up to 6bars and into the green colors, I also got an instant boost up in speed as seen below, I was getting average of 1.5 Download speed but as you can see its more than doubled that.

my screen shot of speed increased by moving my p1 dx-230 around


Now this is a fantastic result but it took me about 6 hours of testing the apartment before I found this spot, and you will laugh when you see it but one thing for sure is that you will often find the best spots are in the most awkward locations to replicate the correct angles to keep the signal strong.

fine balancing act

In this location I can not longer open the curtains and i held it with tape, wire and paper clip to hold curtain at just the right angle under the modem or it will unbalance the sweet spot, but for me the wifi signal is more important.

You will only get out of it, what you put into it and by that i mean time to locate that SWEET SPOT.

If you can not be bothered to do all this, then you could try the wifi booster for only RM299

Good luck – Let me know if you get a good spot and increase your signal strength…. using nothing but the modem and locating that sweet spot. have a good weekend..




  1. Hi Mr Foster,

    OMG, I’m so glad to have found and read about your blog about the P1 4G network issue. I have the same problem and gone thru the same process like you did. Unfortunately, the effort finding the “sweet spot” was in vain.

    Well, does the WIFI booster you linked really work? Any idea if there is any place in JB that I could walk in and purchase 1?

    Thanks and have a great day!


    1. Hi CJ,

      The booster was home made and worked really well, but I no longer with P1 as moved and their signal was poor. I went with umobile and signal was good but only gave 10gb a month for day use and not enough for me. So just switched over to Streamyx 4mbps and so far its spot on and very fast.

      But with P1 its about finding that spot in your home that gets the best signal, i used my hand phone to keep eye on signal as i moved the modem around the house once it turned green I took note of the position of the modem and used tape and wire to get the modem into the same position i got the good signal.

      took me about 5 hours to locate the sweet spot but it made a massive difference to the speed and pleasure of using the internet.
      The booster i not tried myself but as its made to boost the signal i guess it would work…in JB not seen any myself.

      regards John….

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