Plants, I am Considering for my Garden in Johor Bahru Malaysia.
palm in water
palm in water 2
boarder plant
potted palm
fruit tree 1
fruit tree 2
fruit tree 3
fruit tree 3

fruit tree 4
garden plant white flower
boarder plants


  1. I have recently renovated my cluster house in Jln Indah, except for the small garden in front, as 2/3 of the side garden has been tiled for patio.

    Now I am looking for ideas on how to beautify this small garden. Looking at your garden – it is very nice and reading your blogs gave me some ideas on how to landscape this garden.

    Arlene (Singaporean)

    1. Cool Arlene, I am pleased, I just got back from the Singapore Flower Festival and got some more ideas from it for water features and vertical flower walls. Once I decide I’ll post info about them.

      Thanks for your comments – Nice to know some people are reading my blog lol…

      Regards John

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