Playing Piano Secrets – Play by Ear.
piano playing by ear

This is a course I got in 2006 and had great expectations of using it to help me learn to play the piano.

Did it work? Truthfully NO, but in all fairness to the Auther Jermaine Griggs it did not work because i did not apply myself to it. so no one is to blame but myself, but the reason for writting about it is I have been cleaning up the house for hari raya and came across it. and having glanced through it I can now see why I got it in the first place.

Now I have more time in my life being retired so I shall give it another go and see how I get on. I love playing the piano, the problem is getting me away from the PC which I also love and use daily.

learn piano online

Once I am at the piano I don’t want to stop I enjoy it so much, So why does it take so much to get me to practice more?

Could it be related back to when I was at school and they made us practice so much in the end I hated it. and would use excuse after excuse to get out of practice session with the band.

Well maybe this time around it will work.

One other course I am doing and enjoying is Rocket Piano


    1. Hi Christine, I went to the Music shop top floor in Aeon Bukit Indah and cost rm 80 per month 4 lessons. Cartoon is the teacher. you can call the store to check currant prices with them direct. Tel:07-234-9703.

      It was the best thing I ever did I just love to play piano, make me so happy…..
      regards john

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