Pokeman Go in Johor Bahru August 2016 -Boom Time.

Boom Time in Johor Bahru. This Pokeman Go has given great rise to the move of families to venture out of their homes together as a family in search of Pokemans.Image result for pokemon in johor bahru

The best places I have been to and seen a massive increase are Bukit Indah roundabout park, Danga bay by the restaurants and the sea front areas.

Now you see people at 8am searching, 7.30 am to 9.30 am Fridays bukit indah park and weekends its packed with joggers and pokeman searchers.

Another popular place is the Marina at Putri harbour.

Without a doubt this could be boom time for restaurants and shops that use lure to attract customers.Image result for pokemon in johor bahru

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