Propagating Plants for beautiful results! You Need To Know This!

Year after year I spend so much money on buying plants, when all this time I could have been propagating my own but never knew how.

Then the other day while I was online I came across this blog article (credit will be given to the guy if i can find back the article) but in the long run he said that he D.I.Y his own propagating tent using 4 chop sticks and a plastic carrier bag.
home made propagator

So My Neighbour had some plant sticking through my fence and had beautiful flowers on I decided to cut it off once the nice flowers had gone and try to propagate the stem and leaves.

This is my results, and it was so easy…. you just need to know.

so this is the plant in bloom.
plant in bloom the one i like

and this is the stem and leaves cut down and put into propagator I made.
plant in propagation

as you can see it works good in so much as i only watered it two times in two weeks and new growth has already appeared.
plant in propagation1

so now from one stem i get ten new plants for free, just a bit of time setting the propagator to do its work.

Now I can sit back with nice cup of my home made coffee and enjoy my work.
My Morning Coffee

Give it a try, (Of course I live in Johor Bahru so its hot all year round – if you live in a cold country then I do not think it will work as good, but you wont know till you give a try. good luck let us know how you get on.

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