Rainwater Harvesting in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

I like the idea of harvesting water in Johor Bahru, as it has lots of rainfall over the year and would be great for watering the garden plants, Plants like Orchids do well on rain water and dislike our tap water because of the chlorination.

rainwater tub

Water flows down the rain pipes and is diverted into the tub, this is fitted with overflow (green pipe) and a tap lower lever to use the water stored.

I shall make mine from a plastic bin that would normally used for rubbish and adapt the lid to accept the flow of water from the roof popes and just fit an overflow pipe and bottom tap.

This one cost around rm250 my version will cost about rm50 max and my time to put together.

I will post here the diy project once I put it together for others to try.

Doing searches in Malaysia online I was pleased to find lots of rain harvesting programs in Malaysia.

Have you got one? Please do comment and let us know of your usage and what saving you make on the water bill.


  1. Hi John, happy new year!

    Your rainwater tank & hose looks great!

    Where did you get everything please?

    Are there ready made versions?

    Look forward to your reply.


    1. Hi Paul happy new year to also, with regards to the water catcher jus the cost of a dustbin rm60. one outlet adapter rm4 bit hose from stock and the tap for the bottom of bin to connect the hose I had in stock also the hardest bit is the bin lid, you have to cut an opening into the top then make a filter that will catch any rubbish from the rainfall and gutters i used some wire mesh cut to size then pressed into a bowl to allow for the rain pipe to fit it – not expensive just stuff you can get from your hardware store.. works a treat and with the rain i get here in Malaysia i can water 2 times a day and no water bills for garden care…. regards John….

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