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What is a Reboot? A period of time where you commit to drinking and eating only fruit and vegetables, herbal teas, and water in order to regain or sustain your vitality, lose weight and kick-start healthy habits that recharge your body and get your diet back in alignment for optimal wellness.

Juicing for Life – Like so many other people in this world of ours, I am having trouble losing the weight, even thou I work out each day something is not right.

People say my intensity is not right, other say its my age 55+, but whatever the reason its just not happening and you know what!, I just know that lurking below my fat belly is a good set of abs waiting to be discovered.

Actually my goal is to just get down to around 85KG and firm up the body I am at 94kg as of today and have been for some time. I am not kidding myself I know I am a naughty boy, because i have the odd chocolate bar pr eat biscuits for the odd snacks but all in all I do the right things, try to stay off processed foods, drink lots of water, exercise etc. but nothing is working then I met a guy online called Joe who lost lots of weight by drinking Juice and veg for 60 days and lost half his weight but what i like about Joe the most is he has decided, not to just try this method of losing weight but has change his lifestyle to accommodate it.

You see I think that’s what he means, when he says Juicing for Life – now that he has realigned his body with the detox that juicing gives you and that in turn allows the body to work more efficiently to rid you of toxins.

And its not just juice – you get to try out different recipes – like this simple one for breakfast I had this morning. Apple,Blueberries and raisins with cinnamon and nutmeg a little coconut oil and bake for 30 mins, you know what it was fantastic and so easy to make. I will also add this on top of some oats I bet it will be amazing.
reboot breakfast – taste so good too

I have got my new juicer on its way and am getting ready to start on this new me for 2014, because it’s important to do it for yourself and not to please others. people should accept you for who you are not what body size you are.

I live in Malaysia and you can easily get your hands on a good priced juicer – I myself like to use Lazada for my small appliances because I can get them online and they have a good customer service and deliver is spot on with tracking. plus they have a huge selection.

What a great Christmas present to give someone this year.

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