Ride Your Way To Great Health in 2015

Ride to keep fit

While out shopping today I came across these push bikes for sale and was surprised how cheap they was.

I must say that living in Johor Bahru is great I am pleased to see lots of people out doing exercise early morning around 7.30 – 9am at the roundabout in Bukit Indah they do tai chi, walking, running and cycling. the car park is packed out each day – A good sign that people enjoy the morning exercise. I also go gym and swim every day and feel the benefits of it as I get older keeping fit is very important to me. I am 57 this month and have been working at keeping my body in good shape and for this year I will work on balance and waist area as having a good core strength as you get older is very important – You will be amazed how many people can not stand on on foot for long time and lose balance. this as you get older is a big cause for the hip injuries that many people have. and once you start falling over thing will add up and sadly the body can only take so much.

So let 2015 be a healthy year for you all and try cycling.

Regards John…

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