Safe Ant Killer in Malaysia. -At Last Could This Be It.

Living in Malaysia is wonderful and the weather is always good, but along with good weather bring creatures that thrive in the warm moist atmosphere and the main one that drive me crazy is the ANTS….

I have lived here for 9 years and ants have always been here but just lately they have taken a liking for my bed (even when I am in it) So that’s it, They have to go.

I have tried so many things it’s untrue and the only thing that works for sure is the Nippon gel I used to get in the UK, but find it hard to get over here.

Then this morning I was reading an article about ants on Boats, they like the humid atmosphere and they have tried this home made idea and up to now they say it works.

So this morning I followed the recipe and laid out the areas the ants trail.

After my Gym workout I returned home to find this…..
Ant Feast and Killer

Now this is good for two reasons one is they are feeding, the other is I know they like sugar, some only like protein.

So what is this Magic Feed, Well it’s nothing more that good yeast (dry) and sugar and water to make a paste.

The idea is that the sugar will attract but the yeast will kill, ants can not burp so when the yeast expands they die. Sound horrible I Know but having been pestered with them so long I have had enough.

Big Thanks to my Source for this information.


Please Note: I shall come back and let your know the result once the verdict is in.


UPDATE—- NO NO NO NEVER WORKED. in fact the ants sent out invitations to other ant colony around the Condominium. and thousands of ants arrived, even found a cockroach joining on the buffet.

So I gave them freedom of two days feasting, and still they arrived so I gave up and cleared the yeast sugar mix up.

Shame as I am looking for something that will work. yet safe with other pest around then house.


Regards John


  1. You can get a similar type of paste in Spore supermarkets (got mine from Giant). s$13
    Worked really well…3 ant trails in my home disappeared after the ants consumed the gel.
    Use to have the same irritating problem albeit not in my bed :p

    1. Thank you Sani.

      I will look out for this next visit to SG. I tried everything here in Malaysia but no luck.

      Thanks for taking time to reply and comment Regards John.

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