Sea Side Living in Johor Bahru in 2014

Johor Bahru Sea Side Living At it’s Best in 2014/5 

Country Gardens in Johor Bahru have given us all a taste of what it could be like to live by the sea, with its own beach and Marina, plus it’s entertainment and restaurants on it’s boardwalk can be like.
Sea Front Area’s Johor Bahru

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Even though this is only to highlight the development and Sale Office, they have made a really good job of showing the people of Johor that living by the sea is a great possibility and indeed is underway as I type this, already they are getting the people used to enjoying the restaurants and the evening walks down the boardwalk to the marina and the sea to watch the sun setting over the Johor straights with its palm tree lined areas.

I hope that the other developers take note and make their sea frontages as nice. One thing I always thought about Johor Bahru was it’s lack of utilising the sea front for evening walks. In Spain I used to enjoy my evening meal and then took a long walk on the sea front boardwalk joined by the many local families also enjoying the views and fantastic atmosphere it creates, And It’s FREE. The main thing are to maintain and cleanliness of the sea front areas at all times.

One thing for sure all around danga bay things are happening and from the land reclamations from the sea new developments are sure to spring up soon, of course they will have to let the reclaimed lands settle before they build on them or problems will happen. but I like to see the sand all around the danga bay area I used to like our like beach area with its palm trees and just hope that although they take over the sea front, they will let the local’s have access to walk along the sea front, not only is this fair but will bring the community together to enjoy the new Johor Bahru.
Danga Bay Beach

My only worry is, I think that to much is going on at once and with so many condominiums being built and fuelled by speculator”s who will never live in them. it could cause us to end up with ghost towns areas as i put it. and result in a bubble burst. but only time will tell and I wish Johor Bahru continued success but hope the Danga bay and Laguna fisherman’s wharf areas will succeed.


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