Sea View Johor Bahru – Getting More Like River View.

I was amazed by the amount of sand thats has appeared along the JB Sea areas, The Marina at Danga Bay Now Just Sand Sand and More Sand.

danga bay marina JB

You Know I would be so upset had I paid good money for a sea view apartment in the New Condo at Danga Bay. But I guess time will tell and we see what replaces the water views.

The Danga Island does not show signs of properties being built apart from the show houses and I have to ask the question who would pay over 4 million for a river view rather than the Sea view it once had.
danga bay marina JB

I am all for progress but what worries me is where is all the displaced water going? has to go somewhere right?

But I am please to see Johor Bahru taking shape and being able to grow with it and enjoy what it has to offer, already restaurants are springing up everywhere and as a food lover that s good news to me.

Progress – Bring it on I say……..

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