Singapore Gardens by the Bay – My Outing from Johor Bahru

Great day out  at the Gardens on the Bay in Singapore.

Singapore by the bay. Time 6pm. Just enjoying my evening meal of falafel balls. (Chickpea. Mint. Minced veg) fried. With Greek salad. And wash down with pint of Heineken beer.

Great food and Beers

Served chilled that is so nice because even though it’s night time it’s still hot and it cools me down. Well that’s my excuse anyway.
Right now I am surprised to see so many people jogging along the sea front.
Better still how about Sedge-way machines. About 15 just passed by on an evening tour of the Marina Bay Area. So cool.

A lady sat beside me with two small dogs and boy are those dogs so lucky.
Fed the best from the menu. Perrier water no less. But nice to see dogs being looked after so nice.

So my day. Was to Visit the Singapore Garden show by the bay.



Lot of Orchids and tropical plants.
A good selection layouts for garden ideas. And also ideas for small balcony setup.
I notice this year that water features are on show in big numbers.
Who does not like the sound of waterfall’s.
Also big this year is the wall garden. Vertical space fillers and so easy to do with systems on offer.
The rain fell so heavy around 3 pm but Singapore is prepared for this and lots of covered walk ways.
That led me to bay front and the Sands resort hotel. Then I ventured the shopping malls. And ended up on the promenade overlooking the marina bay. This area is so nice and do much to see and do.
Waiting for sun to set then take some photos of Singapore at night. But right now. Back to people watching and my beers. Then head off back to good old JB.

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