Smartphones – But Which One To Buy?

Smartphone’s are every where these days and to be honest life is good when you have one.
smartphones 2013

Giving my age away now but having a smartphone now is like having a full blown computer with you every where you go, In the past i had to carry a phone, a pda, and still my Filofax in case i could not get a signal.

Now I do all my business on my iPhone, and up to last year I was a big fan of Samsung phones, in fact for me, the contest these days is between those two companies for control of this very lucrative market.

And now just when I am getting used to the iPhone 4s they fetch out these new ones, I am however in need of a change as the lcd on my current phone is not good i have lots of ghosting going on, and seeing photos is not easy as its like two in one image.

One of the things to do is to compare mobile phone deals once you have identified the smartphone you want, you will be surprised the difference in deals for the very same phone you want. sometimes it may not be a monetary difference but quality or extra goodies added, you owe it to yourself to get the best deal you can, so don’t rush into it. The deals in most cases will still be their the next day.

Well I am no expert in mobile phones and can only go by my Instinct on what I feel and like.

If you are not sure either then have look at lots of them on this website with some great offers on at the moment in Malaysia.


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