So Far – So Good
Do I Look Fat?

Being over weight is not much fun, but to be honest at the time the problem is we do not see it ourselves, for years I was told i was getting so big, but looking in the mirror i thought I looked ok.

It was only when going through some photos from six years ago I realised how much I had let myself go.

So now that I have accepted i have a weight problem I can work on losing it. that is half the battle accepting then doing something about it.

So far my workouts are not to aggressive but do show how unfit i have become in fact some of the exercises I can not do just yet, but will be an indication of losing weight once I can do them. another goal to pass on the way to fitter me for 2014.
losing weight is hard because it keeps finding me

With regards to food I am doing well and not eating processed foods and drinking lots more juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Meats, I have cut to only having chicken, pork and fish, lots more fresh fish than I had been eating.

OK well back to some exercise, its so cool because i can break it up into the day and enjoying it more, pain in parts i never felt before, but it will be worth it.

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