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Friday, 29 January 2016

Sponsor a special dog in Malaysia in 2016.

Justice is one of the most resilient dogs.

Justice is one of the most resilient dogs.

HAPPY came bounding over to- wards the gate with her tail wagging, and before I knew it, she was furiously licking my face, expressing her welcome.

I was overwhelmed by the love and joy this sweet natured furry friend showed me.

It was only seconds later that I realised she had only half a face.

On closer inspection, I noticed she was missing her entire upper mouth area and her button nose.

The spot had a gaping hole and it exposed her teeth. It made her look fierce.

But other than her looks, the sweet-natured dog was otherwise perfect.

Later on, I found out that Happy was a street puppy rescued in Johor Baru, in November 2013.

Half of her face was eaten by maggots after an injury festered.

“When we rescued her, she had a huge wound on her face that looked like a bee hive at first glance,” said Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) project manager Melinda Gomez.

MDDB is an established canine welfare and rescue group.

“When we finally treated her wound, half her face was already eaten and she lost her button nose.

“Today, apart from the fact that she has trouble eating and drinking (due to her condition), Happy is the happiest dog in the world,” quipped Gomez.

Indeed she is. Happy certainly lives up to her name.

But so does Shakin Stevens. The mixed terrier was found in a drain last year.

The distemper survivor looked perfect to me, but I was told that he was born with half a brain.

All I saw was a beautiful dog, well, until he got up to greet me.

Shakin Stevens was so clumsy he was perpetually falling all over the place.

“When we rescued him, we noticed that he was not able to walk properly and struggling to stand up.

“He was so clumsy all the time that it seemed that he could not coordinate his limbs to move normally. He has a problem balancing himself,” Gomez said.

Only after an MRI scan, we were told that he was born with only half a brain,” Gomez explained.

“Otherwise Shakin Stevens is a beautiful male dog with boundless energy and so full of love,” she said.

One has to agree. Shakin Stevens was constantly tugging as he wanted to be petted.

Over in a corner, I spotted Rizzo.

The 12-year-old dog was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Her tale is a heart-breaking one of abuse and neglect.

And then, there is Tiger. The 12-year-old mongrel was hit by a car resulting in him becoming paralysed.

Tiger lay sprawled on the ground when I walked in.

I went down to him and as I stroked his gentle face, I could feel his joy at having human interaction.

Besides Tiger, MDDB also has three other dogs that are paraplegics and four with hind leg problems that require they move around in wheelchairs.

“Justice was beaten up so bad that his spine was fractured and he was not able to walk again.

“But today in his wheelchair, none of us can keep up with him.

“As you can see, Justice and Happy are the unadoptable ones due to obvious reasons, and we also have quite a number of senior dogs that are still looking for a forever home,” said Gomez.

“But no matter how many times we carry out adoption campaigns these sweethearts get left behind,” Gomez added.

Some quarters are of the opinion that the unadoptable dogs should be euthanised to put them out of their misery but MDDB is against this.

“We are a strictly no-kill establishment, but we do not want them to suffer either.

“If a dog is suffering and is no longer eating, of course then it’s a different story.

“But these dogs, despite of their disabilities, you can see that they are eating well and are happy resilient dogs,’’ she said.

Gomez said in light of rising costs, it was challenging to pay four clinics for treatment and neutering of dogs, rental and utilities for two premises, allowances for five workers as well as food and transportation costs every month.

She said MDDB needed about RM40,000 every month to settle these bills.

And if you want to help them, you can do so by sponsoring a dog.

The sponsorship fee for one dog is only RM60 and a person can sponsor as many dogs as they wish.

The welfare group needs at least 500 sponsors to ensure that they are able to carry out their work as well as give canines like Happy, Tiger, Shakin Stevens and other dogs a comfortable home.

MDDB is organising a Fatt Choy Brunch on Jan 31, from 11.30am the East Garden Boulevard, One City USJ. The event is to raise awareness on its sponsorship campaign and get more dogs adopted.

Source: Sponsor a special dog

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